Your need for cost-effective production of electronics is one of the reasons that we are in business. As we are aware that there are many who can offer this, we must cherish and develop what makes us unique. What we do is, of course, important, but the real difference lays in how we do it. We know that what we do for our customers doesn’t just affect their performance and profitability. It also affects our client’s brand. So, the experience and perception of our client’s end customers is crucial for us to be able to say that we have done a good job.


The Company

Propoint was established in 1986 and is today owned by Peter Nordström and Claes Thulin. Peter is the company CEO and Claes the VP. Both owners are active in the daily operations, working close with clients and co-workers.
Since 2009, the company is located in a modern production and prototype facility in Kungsbacka, about 20 minutes south of Gothenburg in Sweden. Propoint has a staff of 65 persons and has a turnover of approx. SEK 100 million. And we are growing.

Quality assurance and certifications

The secure basis of our quality system is thoroughly prepared and accurate process descriptions which ensure that we can deliver at the right time at the agreed price. Constant improvement is a responsibility of all Propoint’s employees and by means of our reporting system, quality conditions are updated and communicated continuously and possible measures can be taken quickly and efficiently. Propoint is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 ISO 13485-2012 and ISO Certificate 14001-2015
Please feel free to download our Quality Manual

Lean – constant improvement.

One of the fundamental principles of Lean is that everything which does not add value for the end user should be eliminated. Constantly improving and becoming more efficient has been our way of working since the start in 1986. In September 2013, an 18-month project began to implement Lean throughout the operations and take the fully-fledged step for the target of assuming number one position in our industry. And the target is well within reach.

Propoint refers to this as 0Ω (Zero resistance, no opposition, free flow).


Propoint works towards preventing unnecessary environmental impact. This means, for example, that waste is sorted and handled for recycling or incineration and that raw material is selected based on the most environmentally friendly option. Propoint should comply with applicable laws and ordinances in environmental legislation.

Propoint’s environmental policy states that the operations should cause the least possible environmental impact and strive for better resource utilisation with greater environmental consideration. Operations should be managed actively and in collaboration with the employees.



We work with a long-term strategy to prevent unnecessary environmental impact. This means, for example, that all waste is sorted and recycled or destroyed. All input materials are selected based on the most environmentally friendly alternatives. The foundation of our strategy is that Propoint must comply with all applicable laws and regulations in environmental legislation, but our Environmental Policy aims further than that.Our operations shall cause the least possible environmental impact and strive for better resource utilization with greater environmental concern all through our operations. The Environmental work an progress at Propoint is an everyday activity and high in priority on every co-workers agenda.

Code of Conduct

Conflict Minerals Policy

Propoint values: Respect, Development and Happines

Our values permeate everything we do at Propoint. Not just within our company, but also very much in our relations with our customers, suppliers, competitors and stakeholders.


Through active and constructive dialogue, we strive to understand and share each other’s views in a positive spirit.
We contribute to agreed quality by following set agreements and standards, as well as informing the affected in case of deviation.
We show responsibility by treating others in a way we want to be treated ourselves, as well as always making the effort to understand the work situation of others.


Constantly developing our employees, our company and our partners by challenging ourselves and each other, as well as our working methods and processes. We do this through learning, education and staying in tune with the world around us.

Through our safe and stable basis we transform deviations to continuous improvement with the objective of achieving sustainable growth.

Through insight and learning we involve all parts of our workforce in change, thus creating team spirit and continuous forward motion in our company.


Through our unanimous approach to responsibility and our commitment we all contribute to a positive attitude and happy outlook on work and life.

Through companywide collaborations, activities and relationship building we create progress and job satisfaction together.

Our Brand Promise

To continuously improve and get better lies in our soul and our origin. We do this by combining reliability with flexibility and our ability to combine our structure with our capability to seize new opportunities for development.
Whether it’s the production of a single component or comprehensive overall solutions, we contribute to the success of our customers through open cooperation with respect for both human beings and the task at hand.

We combine sensitivity and knowledge.