Production & services

We offer one of the market's strongest resources for efficient and comprehensive solutions in electronics production. At our highly efficient facilities, equipped with state of the art production capacities and a skilled, experienced work force, we can meet all your needs and challenges.
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About Propoint

What we do for our customers not only affects product functionality and company profitability, but mostly it affects our customers Brand value. A positive and brand building End-Customer experience is crucial for us to say that we have done a good job, together.
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What do you mean “Balance”?

We want to and we can offer our customers the right balance between man and machine. Between structure and pro-activity. Between stability and flexibility.
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Propoint industri


Propoint has proven performance and experience in most business areas and we have the ability to transfer experience, knowledge and solutions between different industries.
Ask us for references and we can most likely present a case close to your product and industry.
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